Urnex Coffee Maker Cleaner and Descaler Kit - 2 Single Use Bottles



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  • Single-use kit for full maintenance of automatic drip coffee makers
  • Carafe Cleaner: Removes coffee oils from carafe for better tasting coffee
  • Descaling Liquid: Effectively breaks down limescale without the vinegar smell to extend the life of your machine
  • Kit contains 1 bottle of carafe cleaner (4x use) and 1 bottle of descaler (1x use)
  • Ingredients are biodegradable, odorless, and phosphate free


For use on Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

Step 1

  1. Empty no less than 1/4 bottle into carafe
  2. Add hot water to fill carafe
  3. Soak for 5- 10 min. Discard solution
  4. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water

Step 2

  1. Empty bottle into reservoir
  2. Add water to fill reservoir
  3. Brew full reservoir. Discard remaining solution
  4. Repeat step 3 three times using fresh water