About Urnex Brands

Our Company

From the beginning, Urnex® products have represented the highest standards of quality, consistency, and effectiveness. We pride ourselves on our long history as a manufacturing organization and the close relationships of trust and communication we have built with our customers around the world. Creating products based on proprietary formulas developed through an intimate understanding of coffee equipment allows us to offer a solution for every brewing need.

Our products are the result of applied problem-solving and experience. When you work with Urnex, you work with a team of people who are dedicated to anticipating and solving the challenges your coffee business faces.

At our Elmsford, New York factory, the Urnex Brand team oversees industry leading standards of quality control. We carefully monitor each item that bears our name with the common goal of ensuring that our customers serve the best tasting beverages possible.

Our History

Urnex Brands, LLC, originally the Royal Urn Bag Company, was founded in 1936 to help the roasters and brewers in Manhattan deliver delicious coffee to demanding customers.

Almost immediately, the enemy of true coffee flavor became clear: oily buildup on equipment made fresh coffee taste bitter, and couldn’t be easily cleaned off. The solution was the original Urnex® Urn & Brewer Cleaner™. It came in small, hand-filled envelopes, each printed with the motto Urnex still uses today: “No More Bitter Coffee."

Urnex has come a long way since then. We offer a complete portfolio of products that serve all facets of the modern coffee industry. From super automatic espresso machines to shop grinders, if you have a cleaning need, we have an answer. Today, Urnex® products can be found anywhere from the countertops of home coffee enthusiasts to the world’s most sophisticated espresso bars—in more than 70 countries.

Specialty brands—Puro Brand® and Full Circle™ are also part of the Urnex portfolio. Puro® branded products are developed for the unique needs of professional baristas around the world. Full Circle™ products are environmentally transparent, phosphate-free, and odorless.

We are committed to helping people everywhere brew and serve the best coffee. We have evolved to better serve customers worldwide by always maintaining the passion for coffee and standards we were founded on: no more bitter coffee.